The Story of Jute

Jute is a natural fibre extracted from the stem of the jute plant, which are grown in West Bengal in India. Along with cotton it is the popular natural fibre used in packaging, soil saver, other industrial use, also for home decor, and in fashion. Since it is eco-friendly & biodegradable it’s value is immense in itself, apart from it providing livelihoods to millions in the region. We, at Ashoka, have been promoting Jute through innovative product ideas since 1970.

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What is Jute

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Origin of Jute

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Field to Fabric

Jute Industry

We Are Eco-Friendly

Ashoka started manufacturing jute bags for packing fertilizers in 1970. Soon after HDPE and PP bags became widely used for packaging. In spite of this Ashoka remained committed to it’s philosophy of being eco-friendly and re-invented jute as a fashion fibre. Today Jute has become known worldwide for its eco-friendly nature and is widely used indoors and outdoors in diverse areas.

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